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About the name Bijl


How to say it

Dutch names are hard to pronounce, so we thought we’d give you a helping hand, just click Here.


Where it came from

From the Director, Melonie Bayl-Smith –

Bijl is the correct Dutch spelling of my surname ‘Bayl’, the anglicised spelling adopted by my Opa shortly after emigrating to Australia in the 1950's in an effort to integrate his family with their new home and language.
However, after enduring several decades of regular misspellings of this altered version of the family name, it seems that the original Dutch name wasn’t so bad after all!
But - changing our surname back to Bijl is all too hard – so I took the opportunity to rebrand my practice as 'Bijl' in 2012, a small gesture towards restoring this part of the family identity while acknowledging my Dutch heritage."


Why the log(o)?

The cross section of the log is closely related to the practice name Bijl  –meaning “axe” in Dutch. The axe is a tool to cut wood, to pull apart the material, to shape it and redefine it. This idea of wanting to reach the heart of something, to uncover the multiplicity of layers and considerations, to find the core problems or challenges, and then reveal something new, is really representative of our approach to design and what the pursuit of meaningful architecture achieves.