Advertisements for Architecture was a competition held as part of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival, our entry "You don't need these to experience architecture" was awarded second prize. 

In considering the brief, we wanted to engage with the wider community, utilising the channels by which this audience is most often exposed to architectural ideas. We cannot assume that any given individual views or understands architecture in the same way as the next person. Generally speaking, however, we can assume that the point of experiential commonality for this audience is the ability to see and thereby consume architecture - consciously or not.

In appealing to that audience, we wanted to provoke the viewer to identify with an obvious "seeing" mechanism. The 3D glasses are a reminder of our desire to seek escapism via "bigger than life" experiences. Tapping into the re-emergence of experientially enhanced cinema provides a humorous vehicle for reminding the general public of the excitement in architecture, in the real 3D around them every day.

We also wanted to engage with popular culture to remove the elitism commonly attached to architecture - which is amusing in itself because architecture is everywhere, it's highly accessible. So we developed this advertisement to demonstrate this attitude whilst having a little fun.