"Bike Rack as Art" was a national design competition devised by NSW BikePlan and launched by the Powerhouse Museum and the Roads and Traffic Authority during the 2010 Sydney Design Festival.

Our entry "6d" is a laser cut plate-steel screen that performs equally as bike rack and public art based on the binary language of Braille (six dots) abstracted as a reflection on bicycle design and the legibility of bicycles in our urban traffic culture.

6d was designed to include the place names "Penrith", "Parra", "Matta" and "Emu Plains", as well as generic words such as "river", "bike", "ride", "park", "city" and "cycle". The design concept has the distinct potential for other local and relevant words to be used in the bike racks, as well as possessing an innate transferability to other locations and applications because of the aesthetic language adopted from Braille.

With a height of 750mm, the design allows for flexible usage according to the user's preferred manner of locking their bike, as well as accommodating different types and sizes of bicycle. The rack is designed to accommodate a minimum of four bikes (when the rack is at a length of 2 meters) and upwards to 10 bikes when the rack "spells" out long words such as "Parramatta".

6d measures a minimum 1020mm long, to a maximum of 5 meters. The standard height for a bicycle rack is 750mm,and is 20mm thick.