What if there was another life, another purpose for the mundane envirobag? With myriad colours, sizes and materials, opportunity beckons for this ubiquitous ready-made.

'IN THE BAG' asks us to reconsider reuse, recycling and upcycling. Taking a reusable shopping bag, the light fixture recycles the bag structure - the corners - and extracts further value by manipulating the pliability, density and colour of its material. 

Through a crafted solution, the light design becomes a platform for expressing how sustainability is transformative - more than recycling raw material or upcycling a given form or function - and also about creating new life and beauty.

'IN THE BAG' was displayed as part of LightCycle, an invited competition run by Electrolight in conjunction with Melbourne Indesign. It was exhibited on 20 August 2014 in Melbourne and placed fourth overall.


2014 - LightCycle Competition, Finalist, 4th Place