University of Newcastle School of Architecture Exhibition

Alumni and students of the University of Newcastle's School of Architecture and Built Environment have contributed to a new exhibition "The NEWcastle School: Past, Present, Future" as part of the university's 50 year anniversary which opened on 22 October at Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle. 

The exhibition features over 100 projects from historic buildings through to contemporary architecture across a range of typologies and locations, from studios large and small. Practices include Bijl Architecture, BVN, Peter Stutchbury, Welsh Major, DWP Suters, David Boyle Architect, Richard Leplastrier, Clare Design and Walknorth.

"As an alumni of the University of Newcastle's architecture program, I feel proud to see the quality of work included," says Melonie Bayl-Smith, Director of Bijl Architecture. "Bijl is in good company, exhibited alongside some of the best architecture practices in Australia."

The exhibition will be launched at 6:30pm on Wednesday 21 October 2015 at Christchurch Cathedral, 46 Newcomen Street, Newcastle.

View the digital gallery