Melonie to speak at Kinda Thinky

Bijl Director Melonie Bayl-Smith will be speaking at Kinda Thinky, an "irreverent theme-driven talk show" having its Sydney premiere on the 19th August at the Powerhouse Museum Cafe. With a theme of "Too much excess is never enough", the event will be led by Kinda Thinky hosts and science communicators Rod Lamberts and Will Grant.

According to the poster of Kinda Thinky, Melonie will be one of the special guests "who actually know what they're talking about" and will be discussing excess in relation to architecture, design and construction. Other guests include  Father Rod Bower (the brains behind those great signs you may have seen at the Anglican Parish of Gosford), nutritian physiologist Dr Samantha Solon-Biet, and David Singh (the "big boss" behind the largest Alternative Waste Transfer Facility in the Southern Hemisphere).


The event will explore these questions: "How did we end up like this: swimming in our own trash, building triple XL houses, and living so long that all we want is to live even longer? What do we do now that abundance has become glut, spare become swamped, and oversupply just overkill?

"Well, we start by grabbing a primo waste recycler, a longevity expert, an architectural virtuoso and a pot-stirring priest. Then we mix in a few ales, a like-minded audience, and two hosts who are regularly referred to as the most aesetic* science communicators in the world. Finally, we repeatedly punch the more button until we've worked out exactly when too much might almost be (maybe) nearly enough."

Doors open at 7pm on Wednesday 19th August and tickets can be purchased with or without pizza included. 

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