Step Down House in Think Brick Awards

Bijl Architecture is proud to have been one of the entrants shortlisted in this year’s Horbury Hunt Residential Award as part of Think Brick 2016. The house extension was built in striking blackstone brick, complementing the simple framed parapet with off-white cladding.

 Step Down House. Photo: Peter Bennetts

Step Down House. Photo: Peter Bennetts

Brick was selected for its varied aesthetic and design capabilities and enduring appeal; to create continuity with the materiality of the existing house; and to meet the client’s low maintenance requirements.

On the northern elevation, where the existing dwelling wall and external side entry connect with the new addition, the original sandstock bricks mingle with the Blackstone bricks in an artful pixellated pattern.

Inside, leftover seconds bricks that would have otherwise been discarded were upcycled in the kitchen wall and painted white to provide texture and warmth.

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