A copper-coloured metal facade creates visual impact in this extension and renovation of a house in Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney. The original dwelling was a tired 1950s red brick house, with generally excellent solar orientation and extensive view opportunities across Lake Macquarie. The core focus of the project involved retaining and extending the existing open plan living space to maximise site opportunities, improve overall amenity, and create a flexible home for living and entertaining.

The house was extended into two new loggia which straddle the central living space and create the dominant aesthetic of the building. Inside, the spaces are warm and bright, with the more private areas of the house drawn to either end of the vibrantly coloured living space. The exterior is clad in Axolotl metal finished panels and lime green matrix cladding, which provide definition and impact to the outside of the house. In contrast, the painted brickwork becomes an abstract, flowing connector of the materials and forms with the physical realities of the site. Service spaces have been zoned to suit the public and private functions of the house, with an open plan kitchen facing into the lounge and dining areas.