The De-Form Wall is a collaborative design project by Bijl Architecture and AR-MA which forms the unique centrepiece of the Naremburn HouseThis sculptural wall installation in the central stair void of the dwelling was the result of a series of conversations with the homeowners during the design and documentation process, and was prototyped and developed alongside the design for the custom cantilevering steel and timber stairway. The design was inspired by the topography of the local area.

Covering a wall area of almost 30sqm, the De-Form Wall is a CNC routed Corian panel double-height installation and is an exploration of parametric drawing and scripting in built work. An innovative design process was pursued in the prototyping, design and production of the panels where toolpath arrangements and custom tools produced material effects reviewed in a design feedback loop.

By day, the interplay of shadows created by the natural lighting obtained from the large skylight enlivens the stair void space, whilst at night, the fineness of the line patterns is further enhanced by the artificial lighting effects designed specifically to offset the panel details, which include an integrated, backlit handrail for the stair. 

A research paper "De-Form Wall: A design exploration in toolpaths and surfaces" by Melonie Bayl-Smith, Gabriele Ulacco, Vanessa Tang-Lee and Robert Beson was published in 2013.


2013 - CASF Australia Corian Design Awards - Winner Grand Prix  - Residential Category in collaboration with AR-MA

2013 - CASF Australia Corian Design Awards - Winner Wildcard - Residential Category in collaboration with AR-MA

Photography: Katherine Lu

Melonie Bayl-Smith and Vanessa Tang-Lee were fundamental to the successful realisation of this highly innovative and complex project. Their skill and vision ensured that state-of-the-art techniques, process and methods typically only seen on commercial scale projects were used to stunning effect in the heart of a young family’s new home.
— Gabriele Ulacco and Robert Beson, Directors, AR-MA