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How we work: Construction

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At Bijl, we have two distinct but intertwined roles during construction.

As contract administrators, we manage the building contract and work harmoniously with the builder to realise the project and honour our clients’ investment in the design and documentation process. Amongst a wide range of responsibilities, we attend site meetings, write and issue site meeting minutes, and assess and manage action items for the orderly execution of the project. We also process payments, deal with any variations that occur (because all projects, no matter their size, have their complexities) and determine practical completion and the occupation certificate – both equally important for finalising the compliance of a project.

Our second role during construction is to continue to work with our clients on finalising selections and interior design decisions, managing design revisions and scope that may change, and assisting clients with their budget management. We also work closely with our clients throughout the build process so that they meet their responsibilities under the contract, including decision making with respect to provisional and prime cost sums, variations and owner supplied items.

As the architects who have designed and documented the project, we bring the intelligence and investment we have made in the project to fruition. This continuity of practice and oversight enables our projects to come to their most fulsome realisation and ultimately to the greatest benefit for our valued clients.


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