Bannerman House

Bannerman House

An extension to a unique heritage home in the thriving city of Bendigo proves contemporary and heritage can comfortably and confidently co-exist.

Bannerman House
Bendigo, Victoria
Adam Gibson

This former horse-drawn coach-house in regional Victoria offered Bijl Architecture the opportunity to explore heritage from a new angle. The Victorian-era house had been carved off from the original gold-rush era mansion many decades ago and now sat on a square allotment, with an unclear ‘front’ and ‘back’ to the street. We were briefed to create a family home for contemporary living that would accommodate a grand piano in a salon-style environment for the teaching and enjoyment of music.

We took this as an opportunity for exploration.


Instead of adding a modern square form to the back of the structure to accommodate the new areas, we ‘wrapped’ the coach-house with a light touch. This meant that instead of a marked division between heritage and contemporary, there is transition. The original features and openings of the house – the loft window, carriage and barn door openings – are retained and renewed. These large openings of the traditional form are celebrated, with views extending through to the new open-plan kitchen and living environment.

We renovated the heritage home throughout with new bathrooms and a gorgeous yet simple new feature stairway.

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Light washes down the restored sandstone walls to accentuate texture, but materially, the house is simple. A muted charcoal palette defines a unified aesthetic through both the interiors and exteriors, helping to balance the entry and garaging additions with the two-storey building and its unusual presentation to the street. The new carport addition is fully integrated, using the overlapping square volumes of the original home.

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While the home can be closed-up for Bendigo’s cold winters, it can also be opened wide to the deck and garden beyond through full-height sliding doors, enabling the family to enjoy the pleasures of their original home and a new-found lifestyle.

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18 August 2019
‘Very schmick’: The 1872 Bendigo coach house that became a light-filled townhouse