Shelf House

Shelf House

A complete recalibration of this townhouse floor plan and its spatial qualities achieved radical change with minimal alteration, finding a place for all the books along the way.

Shelf House
Mosman, NSW - Cammeraygal land
Katherine Lu
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In transforming this spec-built modern townhouse, we addressed its most fatal flaw - an interior plan layout and fenestration openings that mirrored the adjoining townhouse, but ignored the dwelling’s western orientation and the significant overlooking from the nearby apartment block neighbours.

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A redundant west-facing ‘cut-out’ was reclaimed and incorporated into the kitchen and service spaces, freeing up floor area for the ground level living area. A new side entry was created, allowed the lounge room to be enlarged, flowing out to a newly enclosed front courtyard.

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The reorganisation of the ground floor plan has both created a sequence of light-filled living spaces and allowed a more generous and social kitchen, complete with large island bench, wine fridge and prep pantry.

A highly-detailed, flexible joinery installation dubbed ‘the great wall of storage’ has been installed along the blank party wall as a unifying functional element, entailing a child’s drawing table, shelving for books and objects, the family fish tank, home entertainment equipment, and crockery.

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With economy and everyday functionality in mind, the existing timber staircase was refurbished and given a new glass balustrade, the under-stair space becoming an informal seat and everyday storage.

Upstairs was reconfigured and extended to convert a former walkway into a sunny home office, an additional bedroom forming a new cover above the rejuvenated rear deck, encapsulating the significant aesthetic, amenity and accommodation improvement of the dwelling.

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