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Come Together - Bijl Architecture x HouseLab Concept Space

V02 Mid Day Final Mp Resize


Mark Parsons (render)

Houselab invited Bijl Architecture to collaborate on their Concept Spaces initiative; a series of cutting-edge residential concept spaces created by some of Australia's leading architects and interior designers.

We named our concept 'Come Together', a kitchen/garden concept which brings a self-sustaining edible garden up close to a kitchen that is flexible and robust, such that the kitchen becomes embedded in the landscape.

We come together to talk, to share, to bear each other's burdens over good food and wine. Food connects us to the past, present and future. We come together.

With an impressive social media response within a day of release, thanks to Mark Parsons for his rendered images of our concept, and further thanks to Chris Rennie and Marcus Piper for championing innovative design and spaces.


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