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How we work: Construction Documentation



Colour, joinery, windows and doors, lighting, finishes – all these and more are explored during Construction Documentation. During this stage we fully flesh out the project and resolve the details.

Construction Documentation takes 2-4 months and for good reason. Critical project outcomes hinge on the comprehensive execution of the documentation and how well client preferences, legal requirements and other inputs are synthesised throughout the process.

Construction Documentation determines the Construction Certificate and underpins tendering and the final building contract. It integrates engineering, energy-rating and other consultants’ inputs, and council consent and building code requirements.

As the guiding light for construction, documentation is used by the builder and sub-contractors to bring the design to life exactly as envisioned, and to minimise variations, reduce misinterpretations and ensure building material substitutions don’t happen.

Quality projects are only achieved through quality documentation.

Throughout this phase we continue to develop the BimX 3D model to share the process and weigh up aesthetic and cost considerations with clients.

It is also during this phase that our Interior Design experience and expertise becomes instrumental to the realisation of the home and particularly the hard-working spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Where requested by clients, we can also curate, select and procure every part of the interiors right down to furniture, soft furnishings and artwork.

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