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How we work: Interior Design

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Tom Ferguson / Kat Lu / Adam Gibson

Interior design is intrinsic to architecture. When these twin disciplines work in concert a building’s ideas and purpose are brought to life. Bijl Architecture offers interior design as a core part of our services.

Interior design involves everything from finishes, fittings and fixtures for those hard-working spaces of the house, like kitchens and bathrooms, to colour, textures, window furnishings, lighting and material. At BIJL, interiors are integrated from the beginning, commencing with mood boards in Concept Design that are then developed throughout the life of the project.

Interior design drawings are a core component of our construction documentation, too. Resolving the structural elements of the project in tandem with the interior expression requires us to exercise technical integration alongside aesthetic considerations. Similarly, sustainability, maintenance, safety and compliance considerations for material specifications are also critical at this stage in every project.

Beyond the core interior design package, we also offer extensive interior decorating services. As projects progress and develop, we have found clients requesting that we specify and arrange for the purchasing of furniture, curate and place artworks, and even commission customised installations such as ceramic artist Natalie Rosin’s work at our Doorzien House. Depending on what’s important to each client, we have a broad range of creative contacts we can call on to assist us in realising the most fulsome expression of every project.

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