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How we work: Planning Applications



With close to twenty-five years’ experience preparing, lodging and negotiating DAs and other planning applications, we know our clients experience a range of emotions during this stage of the architectural process.

There’s excitement that their project is another step towards being realised, but there are also often nerves and worries about whether Council will view the DA favourably, or if other hurdles will arise in the journey towards receiving approval.

To counter these concerns and give our clients greater peace of mind, we take a strategic approach to the planning application process.

With our client’s approval and the developed design proposal in hand, we create high-quality, informative drawings and documentation, carefully coordinated with the work of any required specialist consultants.

We also include any additional documentation Council advise will assist the application. By engaging early in the process with Council through a pre-DA meeting arranged back in the Design Development stage, we’re well set up to identify and iron out potential issues before submitting the application.

Our proven track record has shown this approach to work well, achieving timely approvals and giving both Council and our clients confidence in BIJL’s processes and projects.

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