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How we work: Design Development

Design process


In the Design Development stage we take the ideas presented in the Concept Design stage and develop them in response to our client’s feedback. By the end of Design Development we’ll have a final design ready to document for the planning application.

Design Development furthers design exploration and refinement, working our collective way towards finalising the home’s relationship with its site, landscape, cohesion of interior spaces, layout, form and materials. We also integrate specialist information. Critical to this stage is our use of BimX 3D modelling software to bring the project to life, such as was done for the now-built Raven House (see video below).

Once our clients are happy with the design direction, we take the project to a pre-planning lodgement consultation with council. Many of our projects have conservation area or complex planning requirements, and so this stage allows us to gauge how the project will be received by council. This bridge-building and information gathering opportunity is crucial to successful and time-effective projects.

At Design Development we also assemble the full team of consultants who’ll work with us on the project, from planning approval right through to construction.

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