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Designing for Heritage

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Maranatha House

Andrew Lee

Working in heritage conservation areas and with heritage listed buildings offers a range of new perspectives during the design process. Thoughtful consideration of form, materiality and scale are at the forefront, giving insight to the layers of history that define both building and site.

The demolition stage of our Neutral Bay project Maranatha House (pictured above) is proving to be a great example of how there is always something new to learn when undertaking heritage projects, whether it be about materials, construction methods, decorative elements or past ways of living. Further, these projects are a real-time opportunity to explore the refashioning of existing buildings to create places of contemporary habitation, without compromising their history.

Bijl Architecture is presently in the design development and documentation stages for a number of projects in heritage conservation areas, both locally and interstate. We're looking forward to sharing news about these projects in the coming months, and if you have a heritage project you'd like to discuss with us, please get in touch.


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